Considering A Raw Fruit And Vegetable Diet

The term itself was first used around 1840 in London. There was a community that was closely associated with the Alcott House School, (more information about that at Wikipedia, search for Alcott_House ), Its first formal use was by that of the first meeting of the newly formed Vegetarian Society in Kent England in September 184 Prior to that a strict vegetable diet was seemly known as a ‘vegetable diet’.

Fruit and Vegetable Diet

Fruit and Vegetable Diet 3

Vegetables are an integral part of a balanced diet. They are completely free from any cholesterol and they are low on calories. In fact some legumes and vegetables actually help you to lose fat and weight because they use up energy when they are being digested and no energy is harvested from them when they finish being digested. Switching to a raw vegetable diet is therefore, tremendously helpful to people who are looking to lose weight or lose fat.

Another reason for giving up junk food for raw foods is the health benefit fiber gives you in preventing cancer. The body needs enzymes for digestion and absorption of nutrients, and heating foods above 116 degrees destroys the enzymes, Continue reading…